Trini Yoga Fest

Supporting those in Recovery through Ashtanga Yoga 

Changing the Stigma Together. 

September 22-24

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The Omstars & Trini Foundation family invite you to...



6-7am  |  In Conversation with David Garrigues, moderated by Melissa Matt (live from Shanghai)  

7-8am  |  Community Ritual: Unguided Meditation + Check-in with Franci Blanco 

9:30-10:30am  |  Mobility + Drills Flow with Marie Belle Perez Rivera 

11:30-12:15pm  |  Vinyasa Flow with Emily Cox 

1-2pm  |  Intro to Ashtanga Primary Series with Marla Tortorice 

3-3:30pm  |  Hip Opening Drills with Monica Arellano 

Learn from the best

Practice with Kino MacGregor, world renowned yogi and teacher with over two decades of teaching experience. Get your questions and comments answered at the end of each class!

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When you sign up for the challenge, you'll automatically be entered to win 123FRÉ skincare kit valued at $120 for each set. 

Together we can change the 
conversation around recovery.

September is National Recovery Month (NRM), held to support evidence-based treatment and recovery practices. This month is a great time to shine the spotlight on Trini Foundation’s services. Trini provides free yoga scholarships for those in recovery from substance use disorder, because recovery is possible with access to treatment, support tools, and community.

With Yoga Fest, we hope to raise awareness, inspire more compassionate conversation, and erase the antiquated stigma around recovery from substance use disorder. Every community is impacted by substance use disorders, and in September, the Ashtanga yoga community is coming together to be part of the solution.

We invite you to join Kino, Tim, Taylor Hunt, David Garrigues, Joseph Armstrong, and our Omstars/Trini Foundation family of teachers to learn, practice, and have impactful discussions together during this exhilarating three-day event! Take one class, five, or take them all! We’ve got something on this action-packed schedule for everybody!

Take one class, five, or take them all! We’ve got something on this action-packed schedule for everybody! 

We are sincerely excited to unite on our mission to inspire change and to use the transformational tool of yoga to help others.

Sign up, practice, donate & change the stigma!

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9-10:15am  |  Led Half Primary Series with Melissa Matt

10-10:45am  |  Community Ritual: Meditation + Reflection with Patricia Amado 

10:30-12pm  |  Active Align Yoga with Mariel Little 

12-12:30pm  |  Breathwork & Guided Meditation with Cory Bryant

1-2pm  |  Yin Bliss with Vanessa Coomans

3-4pm  | Arm Balances & Inversions Drills with Abi Moore



9-12pm  |  Saturday Ritual: Full Primary + Talk with Joseph Armstrong 

10-11am  |  Vinyasa Flow with Chelsea Ervin 

1-2pm  |  In Conversation with Taylor Hunt, moderated by Melissa Matt (live from Norway)

3-3:30pm  |  Yoga and Rhythm with Brad Ellsworth

7-9pm  | True Strength Workshop with Kino & Tim (live from Greece)


Times listed below are in Eastern Timezone (ET)